Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Perfect Swing

Every golf player worth their salt is always looking to improve their swing. What can really be done to correct the often ostentatious swing of the beginner? Or the overly confident over-the-top swing? Drills, practice, the driving range and just getting out there and playing through. To accomplish the perfect swing, there are hundreds of simple drills that you can practice to curb the excessive swing, help with the follow through and give your stance the proper formation.

Towel Drill

If you want to keep your club on the correct plane, whether you are a two plane swinger or a single plane, can be a challenge. A quick and simple trick to salvage your follow through is to tuck a towel under your left armpit. If the towel stays put until you’ve hit your shot, then your form is pretty good. On the other hand if it falls out you may repeat the drill until it becomes second nature.

Pause Drill

Life moves at a very fast pace, everywhere but at the golf course. The most common mistake that new golfers make is that they tend to rush through their swings. Practice pausing at the top of the swing and you will achieve a more fluid swing.

The golf swing, done correctly is a thing of beauty. Timing is part of that, it should become second nature, the series of events that leads to that perfect swing and eventually that hole in one. Back swings begin with the movement of the head of the club, then the shaft, hands, arms, shoulders and finally the hips. The downswing is exactly the reverse of this process. Aggressive movements at the height of the backswing are unnecessary and counterproductive. Practicing with training aids or just a mirror can help you to slow it down and really correct this deficiency.

The perfect swing takes time, time to practice, time to learn and plenty of time to get out there and put it to use. Over the years you will learn many tips and tricks to ease the way and have a lot of fun doing it. If you want to read more about “golf swing drills for beginners” and “how to properly swing a golf club” please visit our site

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